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Spell Designs in an op-shop??!!! YES!!

Whistler has had a sudden change of temperature as of late so I had to show off my new Spell playsuit while I could still wear it outside without freezing to death.
Spell is definitely up there with one of my favorite brands (you may have seen Jess and I mention it a lot!) so when I came across this little beauty here in Canada in the one and only Op shop in our area I couldn’t believe my eyes! I think almost fainted when I saw the $6 price tag. I actually found a second one as well but to my little sisters delight it doesn’t quite fit me so is being sent back to Australia.

The cute lace detail and the little bells on the tassels make me feel super summery even with this cold rainy weather. Sadly I won’t get to wear it for a while now but it will be the first thing I put on when I return to a sticky sunny Australian weather in January.

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  1. suedesunsets says

    I love your blog, its super creative and you have great style by the way! You should definitely check out my fashion/life blog. I do a lot of fun post and I think you’d like it ☺


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