Current Loves: September

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LISTENING// Jess: Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks has me completely hypnotised.
Ruby: I’ve been going through all the old songs on my iPod lately and I’ve fallen in love with Regina Spektor all over again. Especially her song Eet. 

WATCHING// I’m yet to see it, but really really looking forward to the new Australian documentary, Gayby Baby.
Ruby: I recently watched Far From the Madding Crowd which I thought was rather beautiful.

READING// I just finished reading The Fat of the Land by John Seymour. It’s wonderfully written and has me wanting to move out to the countryside and live an entirely self-sustainable life.
Ruby: I haven’t been reading as much as I want to but I started on Game of Thrones for a bit there.

WEARING// Jess: I am completely obsessed with my Topshop jumpsuit recently featured here.
Ruby: It’s starting to cool down a lot but I’m loving my new Spell jumpsuit that I found at the op shop and post about here

EATING// Jess: A vegan version of the Iraqi-Jewish Sabich, an eggplant and salad sandwich usually served with hard boiled egg. Sooooo good and the perfect way to start the day.
Ruby: Overnight Soaked Oats with chia seeds, dates and berries is my favourite brekky. It’s so good in fact that I’ll be sharing the recipe with you all really soon so keep an eye out!

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