I have a confession…

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Okay guys, so I have a bit of a confession… 

I am obsessed with buying baby clothes. Which, as a 21 year old sans baby or boyfriend, is completely ridiculous. I have a whole drawer dedicated to tiny garments (with not-so-tiny price tags…) for children I don’t even know yet.

I’m not really sure why this obsession started, but I know when it did- it was the summer holidays and I was at one of my favourite Byron Bay boutiques, Spell. I was oohing and aahing over their beautiful dresses, trying to rationalise spending my rent money on something pretty, when I came across these cute kids leggings which, wait for it, matched a pair of flares I had a home. The prospect of rocking out in boho bits with my future mini-me was too much, and I happily succumbed to the Spell spell, buying the size 1 pants for my unborn (and unconceived!) child.

From there I spiralled rapidly, picking up dresses and shorts, rompers and socks, wherever I went, actually seeking out children’s stores. My most recent purchase was on a trip to Kuranda in Far North Queensland. I picked up these darling kangaroo skin moccasins made for two year old feet-  I know, I know, not very nice and not very vegan, but ridiculously cute (Don’t worry, I’m working on the whole love for leather thing… hopefully I’ll get over it soon!)


I don’t know when I’ll get to dress my own baby, and honestly I don’t think/want it to be anytime soon, but at least I can ensure that my little Lola or Bowie will be decked out in groovy garments.

Lots of love from one clucky (but not too clucky!) lady,

Jess xx

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