The Trash Commandments

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Thou shalt not litter…

Being wary of our trash or waste output is nothing new to us. We both learnt to recycle in primary school and to always throw rubbish in the right bin. We’ve grown up knowing that plastic shopping bags should be swapped for reusable cotton ones, and that littering is an absolute no-no, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we put all of this into practice. Life and laziness get in the way, good habits go out the window,  and soon we find ourself here, back at square one, trying to re-learn the simple concept of waste control/reduction, drummed into us as kids.

Recently, we’ve been totally obsessed by Lauren Singer’s blog, Trash Is For TossersLauren promotes a zero waste lifestyle, something that sounds impossible, but, from the looks of it, is actually very achievable. Feeling inspired, we’ve put together this list of easy changes that will hopefully (well, undoubtedly) reduce our personal impact on this beautiful planet.

  1. Clear out all the crap you don’t need and then don’t replace it unless you actually NEED to. Try patching up the hole in your jeans before rushing out to buy a new pair.
  2. If you do need to shop, try shopping second hand! There are so many wonderful clothes at op-shops, they’re usually way cheaper than buying new. Same goes for furniture!
  3. Start shopping at markets and bulk food stores, buying products that aren’t packaged. Always take own reusable bags and/or jars.
  4. Make coffee at home or, if you must get a take away, take your own reusable cup.
  5. Trade the endless plastic water bottles and take away containers for reusable metal ones. This lunchbox looks so good!
  6. Get a library membership and stop buying books that you’re only going to read once.
  7. Rethink your feminine hygiene products. There a reusable cotton sanitary pads available, and moon cups are becoming a popular alternative to tampons.
  8. Trade plastic products for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. For example, a plastic toothbrush could be swapped out for one of these wooden cuties.
  9. Stop using paper towel for every spill! Buy a stack of reusable cloths instead.
  10. Try and make as much as you can. Give DIY natural beauty products a go to avoid harsh chemicals and plastic packaging. If you don’t have the time or skills, at least attempt to buy beauty products with little or no packaging. For example, bulk bars of soap from your local health food store or the bar shampoos and tablet toothpaste from Lush Cosmetics.

Do you have anymore ideas on how to reduce your trash output? We’d love to add them to the list!

All the love,

Jess and Ruby xx

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