Minimalism: The First Step

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A garage sale, because nobody needs this much stuff! Even if it’s shiny and pretty…

If you follow us on twitter you’ll know that we’re becoming increasingly bewitched by the concept of minimalism. The idea of owning and buying only the things one truly loves or needs just makes so much sense on a number of levels- a minimalist lifestyle is more sustainable and environmentally conscious, it provides physical and psychological space to create and develop, plus it is great for those on a budget!

While we are both sentimental beings who find it very VERY hard to part with even the most  trivial of possessions (I have a whole box dedicated to notes passed between friends during our 13 years of school), Ruby has always been good at limiting her purchases, putting her purse before that pair of cute shoes. I, on the other hand, am both a spendthrift and a hoarder, with a room so full of stuff that I can barely find my bed…

On Sunday I decided to take my first step towards a simpler, easily navigated life: clearing out all those shoes, hats, dresses, books, particularly pretty stones found on bush walks, and having a HUGE garage sale.

I roped in my dear friend and fellow hoarder, Zoe, to help out with the event. The nature strip in front of her place provided the perfect location, and the weather was a ridiculous 24 degrees! We set up for an 8am start, then had a lovely, relaxing day of sunshine, naps, wine, and chats with prospective buyers. We ended up making around $250, which is pretty decent considering all we did was lay there tanning and eating hummus. Though we did get rid of a fairly decent portion of stuff, we’ll still need to do a couple of trips to the local op-shop to clear out everything… it’s going to take more than a day to empty the wardrobe of a former fashion addict like myself.

It really was a fun and surprisingly easy day, so much so that I’m considering doing this whole garage sale thang once a year, if I need to- hopefully I can remain true to my new minimalist identity and refrain from buying more stuff!

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How did you spend your weekend?

Jess xx

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