Fresh-from-the-garden Salad

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Yep, this salad was in the soil literally 10 minutes ago…

I don’t think I can really class this as a recipe post- it wouldn’t be fair to you guys as I am sure you’re all perfectly capable of pan-frying potatoes and whipping up a simple salad dressing. Instead, I’ll call this a ‘Vegetable Appreciation Post’. More specifically, organic, fresh vegetables, plucked from bulging Brunswick gardens on a morning walk around the neighbourhood.

As anybody who knows me will confirm, I am always ranting on about the value of living and eating sustainably, shopping right, preventing waste, and growing your own food blah blah blah. Often my enthusiasm is (very briefly) shut down by grumpy, supermarket goers who bitterly claim that living off one’s veggie patch is impossible.

A walk around Brunswick proves otherwise. With a population made up of hipsters and ageing Italians, gardens here are abundant, sometimes too much so- it seems some Brunswick locals have gone overboard with their veggie patches, and it always upsets me to see overflowing gardens going to seed and going to waste. What’s even more upsetting are the beautiful old houses branded with SOLD signs, their fruit trees and once-beloved vegetable gardens soon to be buried under another ugly apartment block. While all this wastage is definitely awful and needs to be worked on, it’s still promising to see so many people growing their own food. They deserve a big round of applause for their stellar efforts. This excess of garden goodies also makes my morning walks a whole lot tastier. I pick bits from here and there, delighting in the natural snacks Brunswick and it’s green thumbs have to offer.

I have a friend, Jad, who is a keen gardner and cook, so walking with him is always an interesting experience. He can spot a potato plant or mandarin tree from miles away, and is never scared to reach into someone’s garden for a taste-test. He’s great at spotting wild edible treats as well, collecting garlic, fennel, and mushrooms on nature walks. Yesterday he actually found some potatoes along Merri Creek. They were tiny (see above) but so earthy and delicious!

I whipped up the salad above with leafy greens, chilli, and herbs from Jad’s own garden, dressing them up with a simple lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper situation. Then I cut the tiny taters in half and pan fried them. There’s no need for complex cooking when the produce is straight from the garden- it’ll taste good no matter what!

Hope you’re having a great day!

Jess xx

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