Urban Walking Tracks: Merri Creek

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Because a day in nature is a day well spent.

Living in the city, it can be hard getting adequate nature lovin’ time, especially during the winter when the shadows cast by buildings become even colder and you’re forced inside to snuggle (and whinge).

Now that the weather is warming up, I can finally make more of an effort in heading outdoors. While it would be wonderful to get on the train and escape to the countryside on a weekly basis, this just isn’t possible. Instead, I have started scouring the city for tree-lined walks, seeking my dose of nature in the urban landscape.

I say “scouring” but really it isn’t that much of a struggle. Melbourne is a very green city, with parks tucked into every second street corner, as well as numerous bike paths along creeks and by the sea.

I frequent the Merri Creek trail, the bike path/dog walkers favourite featured above. The path apparently stretches 21km, though I tend to stroll the section running from Brunswick East up to Coburg. It isn’t a very long walk, but its a very pretty one, with a lot to see. I’ve marked some of my favourite spots on the cute yet fairly inaccurate map above (definitely not to scale!)

  • CERES is a great place for a cup of coffee, some brekkie, and a chat with the chooks.
  • The velodrome, marked with giant lettering “BRUNSWICK” would make for a great photo shoot location.
  • There is a cute community garden along the path, really snug but full of goodies.
  • As you wander up into Coburg, there is a big park full of dogs and tall trees- a great place to picnic.

Are you living in Melbourne? Any recommendations? Or even if you’re somewhere else in the world, I’d love to hear where you go for that valuable nature time!

All the love,

Jess x

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