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Home School


Hi guys!

We’re super excited/pumped/happy to introduce you to a new monthly segment on le blog: HOME SCHOOL. Written very prettily above by our favourite designing lady, Angie Garland– thanks girl!!

As her beautiful banner suggests, this segment is all about learning at home. We’re keen to start filling our increasingly lazy brains with lots of fun knowledge/skills/arty stuff and we thought we’d invite you along for the ride. Re-watching Lost on Netflix is great, but learning is better and way more valuable in the long run. It can actually be really fun too, if you’re learning what you actually want to learn- which we will be! Woohooh!

Basically, it’s going to work like this: each month we will announce a new skill we’d like to learn. This could be anything from speaking a foreign language to baking a loaf of sourdough! Once we’ve decided on a topic, we will do 4 related posts (that’s one a week), working through some activities and sharing our learning process. For example, if we were decided to learn Arabic, we might spend one week learning the Arabic alphabet, the second week getting to know the Arabic arts scene (famous films, artists, musicians, and literature), the third working on some basic phrases and sentence construction, and then the fourth cooking a Middle Eastern recipe. Perhaps? Just an example!

Anyway, we’d love for you all to get involved (if you want to… haha you don’t have to!) by following along and keeping us updated on your progress. We’re all for contributions too, so if you have something you think would be fun to learn, or suggestions on how we might approach learning something, please don’t hesitate to tell us!

This month we’re learning to PRESERVE fruit and veg in a bunch of different ways. Yum yay ooh!

See you soon!

Jess and Ruby xx

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