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The Times They Are A-Changing!

We have big plans for this little space of internet, and we want to start sharing them with you ASAP, but to do so nice and swiftly we’re going to have to shut up shop for a couple of weeks.

As we get older, we’re learning more and more about the world around us, becoming increasingly aware and passionate about certain issues. It’s only natural that this blog, an extension of us, should develop as we do. It is for this reason that we’ve decided to completely revamp it, making sure that Bella & Woodstock truly aligns with our values and goals, namely living a more mindful lifestyle.

There will still be fashion and food and travel, it will just look a little different and have some added extras.

Expect new content in mid- November. We’ll let you know the date very soon.

Yip yay yeehah, we’re so excited! Hope you are too!!


All the love,

Jess and Ruby xx

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