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A Difficult Conversation and Feeling Inadequate

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The night began with my waiting for him to finish work, sitting in the courtyard under coloured lights. He had asked me to go and get a drink with him, probably out of intoxication (he’d been on le vino since 4pm) and my curiosity just couldn’t resist. He finished at around 9.40 and changed his shirt before leading me through the restaurant and out into the bustling Saturday night. He walked fast, with purpose and an […]

Word Games with Ender

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Something a little different today- a few rounds of (simplified!) Consequences to get those stories flowing. I’ve been writing a lot more since university ended, scribbling nonsense in the sunshine of my local park, and penning short stories for a friend’s birthday (Happy 21st Angie Gurl!!) Sometimes I get stuck, usually because I construct a single, perfect sentence, and then fail to do it justice in the follow up. It’s times like these when writing without purpose […]

14 Hour Flight

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Creative Writing

A very short story, written on a plane.  I’ll arrive late to Tom’s house, people already small talking in the party-stained hallway, twelve standard drinks clinking in my bag. I’ll greet Georgia first, with a warm, intoxicated hug and a sleepy smile, as if I haven’t quite woken from my months of sunning by the sea. “Hello Gorgeous” we’ll coo, then how was your trip, tell me everything, do you have a drink? I’ll zone […]