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New Things Happening…

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HI THERE! The Times They Are A-Changing! We have big plans for this little space of internet, and we want to start sharing them with you ASAP, but to do so nice and swiftly we’re going to have to shut up shop for a couple of weeks. As we get older, we’re learning more and more about the world around us, becoming increasingly aware and passionate about certain issues. It’s only natural that this blog, an […]

Travel Diary: Sydney

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So this weekend away was a whole lotta weekends ago (we’re talking May…) but better late than never, or at least I hope you feel that way! I went to Sydney wearing jeans and without swimmers, an appropriately ignorant start to the trip that would change my ignorant (and fairly prejudiced) view of Australia’s most famous city. Having lived in Melbourne for a good part of my life, I have always harboured an inexplicable but […]

Fresh Cuts

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Sorry about the less-than-stellar photo quality, but I’m fresh out of the salon (Rhubarb Hair, Brunswick East… check ’em out!) and just had to share. I’ve been trying to grow my hair long and beachy and blonde, but its all getting a little tiresome, as it does every year when I attempt this… Rather than turn to the scissors and my go-to bob, I thought I’d make the growing process a little more fun with […]

Second Home: Collingwood Children’s Farm

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Collingwood Children’s Farm, based behind Abbotsford Convent has got to be one the most magical destinations in Melbourne, at least for nature lovers like myself. To have a place dedicated to vegetables, animals, and the education of children in both these areas, just a 30 minute walk from my city home, is miraculous. It’s one of the few places (CERES and Merri Creek do it for me too) where my country loving heart feels at home. Head […]