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Inspiration for a Day of Clay

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Heading to Northcote Pottery today to pick up some supplies. I’m going to get busy in the sunshine and craft some pretty (useless) clay creations to adorn the currently drab window sill of my bedroom. I’m thinking delicate ceramic native flowers though we’ll see if my skills are up to it… For more pottery inspo check out my pinterest board– I’ve been going crazy on it! What are your plans for this weekend? Jess xx

Back to the Beginning

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I’ve always had a great appreciation for nature, growing up on a farm and then living by the beach, but this overseas adventure has furthered my love for Mother Earth and all she has to give. It sounds funny, but it’s as if my view of the natural world has become more childish. I’m always looking at kids and envying their absolute wonderment at every little thing. Then I read something recently that said nothing […]

Are You On Tumblr?

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Fashion / Inspiration

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, we’ve had a bit of a blog update- nothing major, just a beautiful new banner designed by our good friend Angie Garland. Angie is a graphic design graduate and all around star. You can check out her work here. We’ve also decided to get back into the inspiring world of Tumblr. We’d love to follow you if you’re on there, so please leave us a link to your […]

Life’s Big To-Do List

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Another wanky post about self-discovery because I’m 21 and trying to figure out my life. Today I answered three simple questions, honestly and without hesitation, in the hope of discovering something new about myself and my goals. I found it a pretty useful, revealing exercise. Let me know if it works for you! So what did I ask? And what did I discover? I’m at my happiest and most inspired when I’m… in nature writing […]

The Dream House

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This week I’m stuck at home with a virus and Netflix to keep me company. I’m only a few days into my prescribed bed rest and I am already going crazy- trashy TV gets old very quickly, even when it’s the best on offer (Pretty Little Liars! The Vampire Diaries! Reign!) I’ve made batch after batch of vegetable soup and then sweet potato brownies, read a stack of magazines and 60 pages of Steppenwolf, tried on every […]

Free People May 2015

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It’s not often that I lament my lack of savings- I am freakishly comfortable with second hand shoes, vegetable soup, and Saturday nights spent in. That said, my wallet starts to feel a little too thin whenever Free People reveal a new collection. Their latest offering is no exception- the gorgeous campaign, which features one of my all time favourite cool girls, Dree Hemingway, has me on a frantic room search for long lost $50 notes, all […]

Babes of Blogging

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We thought we’d take a moment to share some of our favourite babin’ bloggers- the bold, beautiful women who inspire us to embrace our sexuality, our style, and our stories by sharing theirs. Here they are, our favourite sassy ladies of the blogging world. ALEXANDRA SPENCER of 4th and Bleeker NATALIE SUAREZ of Natalie Off Duty  KARLA DERAS of Karla’s Closet All the love, Jess and Ruby xx