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Current Loves: October

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LISTENING//Jess: This month I’ve reignited a past obsession with George Harrison’s album All Things Must Pass. He’ll always be my favourite Beatle <3. Ruby: I’ve been listening to the DJ Porter Robinson a lot lately. It helps get me pumped up for the day. WATCHING//I’ve been re-watching Lost. It’s actually so bloody good/addictive. Ruby: My housemates and I watched the whole season of the new show Narcos on Netfilx recently. It was a house wide hangover day. READING//I’m currently reading and […]

Back to the Beginning

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I’ve always had a great appreciation for nature, growing up on a farm and then living by the beach, but this overseas adventure has furthered my love for Mother Earth and all she has to give. It sounds funny, but it’s as if my view of the natural world has become more childish. I’m always looking at kids and envying their absolute wonderment at every little thing. Then I read something recently that said nothing […]

Fresh Cuts

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Sorry about the less-than-stellar photo quality, but I’m fresh out of the salon (Rhubarb Hair, Brunswick East… check ’em out!) and just had to share. I’ve been trying to grow my hair long and beachy and blonde, but its all getting a little tiresome, as it does every year when I attempt this… Rather than turn to the scissors and my go-to bob, I thought I’d make the growing process a little more fun with […]

Life’s Big To-Do List

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Another wanky post about self-discovery because I’m 21 and trying to figure out my life. Today I answered three simple questions, honestly and without hesitation, in the hope of discovering something new about myself and my goals. I found it a pretty useful, revealing exercise. Let me know if it works for you! So what did I ask? And what did I discover? I’m at my happiest and most inspired when I’m… in nature writing […]

Maintaining Creative Practice

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I want to learn to create again, just for the sake of creating. When I was younger I would write story after story, my head always full of ideas that needed to be expressed on paper. I would draw too, despite my mediocrity as an artist, doodling away on any surface available- school books, scrap paper, magazines, even the occasional desk. In high school I turned to photography, carrying my beloved Canon DSLR everywhere, documenting […]