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Travel Diary: Sydney

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So this weekend away was a whole lotta weekends ago (we’re talking May…) but better late than never, or at least I hope you feel that way! I went to Sydney wearing jeans and without swimmers, an appropriately ignorant start to the trip that would change my ignorant (and fairly prejudiced) view of Australia’s most famous city. Having lived in Melbourne for a good part of my life, I have always harboured an inexplicable but […]

Second Home: Collingwood Children’s Farm

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Collingwood Children’s Farm, based behind Abbotsford Convent has got to be one the most magical destinations in Melbourne, at least for nature lovers like myself. To have a place dedicated to vegetables, animals, and the education of children in both these areas, just a 30 minute walk from my city home, is miraculous. It’s one of the few places (CERES and Merri Creek do it for me too) where my country loving heart feels at home. Head […]

Canadian Scenery

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Greetings Lovelies! A million apologies for the absence but the last few weeks I’ve been settling into my new home in Whistler, Canada and soaking up the British Columbian beauty.  The nature I’m surrounded by is unlike anything I’ve ever had the opportunity to live in before. I’ve had the farm with endless eucalyptus trees, koalas and rolling fields. I’ve had the ocean, sand and salty air; and now it’s time to explore pines and […]

Home in Photos

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Hi guys! Long time, little chat. I’ve been busy busy busy working and playing and going to the Blue Mountains (more on that to come!) and have therefore been vair slack with le blog. Now I’m home in the Northern Rivers and while the weather isn’t as delightful as I had hoped (rainy, windy, but still nice and warm!), I am so happy to have some time to sit around, relax, and write- especially in […]

Hola From Mexico!

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Apologies for the lack of updates from overseas! Who knew one could be so busy whilst travelling! I’ve uploaded some of my photos from a few of the amazing places I’ve visited in Mexico. It has been an absolute dream so far. After spending two weeks in LA without swimming at the beach I was so ready for some sea-salty fun and Mexico did not disappoint. An island we visited called Isla Mujeres (which translates to the […]

Wanderlust has Struck

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The time has come to set sail for foreign lands, pristine beaches, and mouthwatering delights. My boyfriend and I have decided to embark on a 10 month journey to Mexico, the United States and then on to the snow fields in Canada. But fear not, the blog will prevail! Jess and I will continue to collaborate despite the distance, there will just be a touch more travel. So get pumped because I’ll be posting from all […]