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Life’s Big To-Do List

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Another wanky post about self-discovery because I’m 21 and trying to figure out my life. Today I answered three simple questions, honestly and without hesitation, in the hope of discovering something new about myself and my goals. I found it a pretty useful, revealing exercise. Let me know if it works for you! So what did I ask? And what did I discover? I’m at my happiest and most inspired when I’m… in nature writing […]

The Dream House

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This week I’m stuck at home with a virus and Netflix to keep me company. I’m only a few days into my prescribed bed rest and I am already going crazy- trashy TV gets old very quickly, even when it’s the best on offer (Pretty Little Liars! The Vampire Diaries! Reign!) I’ve made batch after batch of vegetable soup and then sweet potato brownies, read a stack of magazines and 60 pages of Steppenwolf, tried on every […]

Friends Who Know Things + Ethical Fashion

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I’ve always been a bit out the loop. I didn’t get a phone until I was 19, I still can’t drive, and I once rocked up at a friend’s house for her 21st only to find that it was being held at a restaurant… I’m vague, a dreamer, my head either in the clouds or in a book, missing out on everything at eye level. I haven’t watched the news in months, catching only the […]