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Hola From Mexico!

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Apologies for the lack of updates from overseas! Who knew one could be so busy whilst travelling! I’ve uploaded some of my photos from a few of the amazing places I’ve visited in Mexico. It has been an absolute dream so far. After spending two weeks in LA without swimming at the beach I was so ready for some sea-salty fun and Mexico did not disappoint. An island we visited called Isla Mujeres (which translates to the […]

A Difficult Conversation and Feeling Inadequate

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The night began with my waiting for him to finish work, sitting in the courtyard under coloured lights. He had asked me to go and get a drink with him, probably out of intoxication (he’d been on le vino since 4pm) and my curiosity just couldn’t resist. He finished at around 9.40 and changed his shirt before leading me through the restaurant and out into the bustling Saturday night. He walked fast, with purpose and an […]

Wanderlust has Struck

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The time has come to set sail for foreign lands, pristine beaches, and mouthwatering delights. My boyfriend and I have decided to embark on a 10 month journey to Mexico, the United States and then on to the snow fields in Canada. But fear not, the blog will prevail! Jess and I will continue to collaborate despite the distance, there will just be a touch more travel. So get pumped because I’ll be posting from all […]

The Improvement of Her Mind By Extensive Reading

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Featured above is the ever-expanding book collection working to expand my mind… This year I’m aiming to become less cynical of practices and ideas that could actually contribute to my happiness. Let the learning and loving begin! Do you have any self-helpy-hippie-spiritual books sitting on yo shelf? I’d love to hear your recommendations! Jess xx    

We Bought A Pentax.

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  And looked pretty in the process. Today we headed out to South Yarra to collect a Gumtree purchased Pentax K1000 and commence our foray into film photography. It is so so beautiful and we are so SO excited about the fun, photogenic times ahead. Now to the outfits- Ruby is wearing op-shop, Kmart, and Converse goods, while Jess is in head-to-toe second hand garments, save the RM Williams, of course. All the love and […]