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Maintaining Creative Practice

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I want to learn to create again, just for the sake of creating. When I was younger I would write story after story, my head always full of ideas that needed to be expressed on paper. I would draw too, despite my mediocrity as an artist, doodling away on any surface available- school books, scrap paper, magazines, even the occasional desk. In high school I turned to photography, carrying my beloved Canon DSLR everywhere, documenting […]

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there! We hope you had as fab a night as we did; we drank a few too many Moscow Mules, kissed a couple of strangers, lost our voices screaming the countdown, and boogied until our bums hurt (dancing = more fun than squats)… yes, we’re covered in mystery bruises, and yes, the first day of the year was spent curled up on the couch with a headache […]

Word Games with Ender

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Something a little different today- a few rounds of (simplified!) Consequences to get those stories flowing. I’ve been writing a lot more since university ended, scribbling nonsense in the sunshine of my local park, and penning short stories for a friend’s birthday (Happy 21st Angie Gurl!!) Sometimes I get stuck, usually because I construct a single, perfect sentence, and then fail to do it justice in the follow up. It’s times like these when writing without purpose […]

Dressing for Comfort

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  I know that I’m always harping on about dressing for comfort, but it really is central to my deciding on an outfit. I spend the majority of my time either walking around aimlessly or writing/reading with a cup of tea, and I’d rather enjoy both activities without worry or wedgie (jeans! G-strings! Gah!!) Recently I’ve taken my pursuit of comfiness to the next level, living in baggy-on-baggy, bag lady silhouettes. A huge thanks to normcore, […]

Loosey Goosey Baby

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I couldn’t count on ten hands the amount of times I’ve been out clubbing and thought “how does she even move in that thing?’. Most of the time the answer is she doesn’t because all she can do is sway from side to side whilst being constricted by tight clothing. Meanwhile I’m crumping it up on the D floor in my go to comfy clubbing clothes. Don’t get me wrong that’s not to say I […]

Hello and Welcome Aboard

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Wake, stretch, write over a prolonged breakfast and multiple cups of tea, job hunt, dance in the lounge room, more job hunting, work, eat, read, sleep.  This is my current routine, one that I soon hope to turn into wake, work, sleep, then, eventually, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia… Until then I’ll continue devouring the travel section at Readings, and rocking outfits reminiscent of far off places. Enter this shirt I picked up at a local op-shop. I chose […]