Month: April 2015

Suburban Treasure Hunt

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I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of thrift shopping, building stories around discarded items, and searching through a sea of forgotten garments to find that perfect piece. This treasure hunt, founded on the trash of strangers, has taken me to garage sales, market stalls, expansive op shops (Savers <3), and, most recently, suburban Melbourne: ’tis the season for hard rubbish, and my local streets are lined with everything from chipped 1970s crockery to taxidermy foxes to dining […]

Babes of Blogging

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Fashion / Inspiration

We thought we’d take a moment to share some of our favourite babin’ bloggers- the bold, beautiful women who inspire us to embrace our sexuality, our style, and our stories by sharing theirs. Here they are, our favourite sassy ladies of the blogging world. ALEXANDRA SPENCER of 4th and Bleeker NATALIE SUAREZ of Natalie Off Duty  KARLA DERAS of Karla’s Closet All the love, Jess and Ruby xx

Summer Days Are Deffs Drifting Away…

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Fashion / Personal Style

Here’s an outfit from warmer times when one could go braless in threadbare tees without risking an attack of the nips… The skirt is thrifted (and far more A-line in reality), the top is from Zara, the sandals are Birkenstock, and the buns were borrowed from Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov’s Lolita.  In other news, I’ve received word from Ruby- she’s landed in LA and is currently booking in to a hostel. How very American roadtrip of her! All […]

A Difficult Conversation and Feeling Inadequate

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The night began with my waiting for him to finish work, sitting in the courtyard under coloured lights. He had asked me to go and get a drink with him, probably out of intoxication (he’d been on le vino since 4pm) and my curiosity just couldn’t resist. He finished at around 9.40 and changed his shirt before leading me through the restaurant and out into the bustling Saturday night. He walked fast, with purpose and an […]