Ruby is a curly haired dreamer who likes sand between her toes and an appropriately generous flick of eyeliner on her lids.

Jessica is an incessant wanderer and wonder-er who enjoys buying shoes more than she does wearing them.

Together they are Bella & Woodstock, high school besties turned bloggers, continuing their friendship across state borders (and occasionally oceans!) via this shared piece of internet. This blog, their baby of sorts, is a space to exchange adventures and recipes, construct pretty sentences, and ooh and aah over killer ensembles. A little bit fashion and a lot lifestyle, it’s all about being curious, getting creative, and making conversation!

Read on to join a discussion or two!


  1. Read the morning routine post; I love your writing! Y’all have have a really cool idea here, and I’d be honored to read anything you post if y’all will allow me to follow? :)


  2. Hey well this is sort of weird and we obviously dont know how we stumbled upon your blog but we also have a shared blog! Your blog is so lovely you are like a better version of us hahaha! It was so nice finding this now, so thank you for existing xx


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