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Inspiration for a Day of Clay

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Heading to Northcote Pottery today to pick up some supplies. I’m going to get busy in the sunshine and craft some pretty (useless) clay creations to adorn the currently drab window sill of my bedroom. I’m thinking delicate ceramic native flowers though we’ll see if my skills are up to it… For more pottery inspo check out my pinterest board– I’ve been going crazy on it! What are your plans for this weekend? Jess xx

Maintaining Creative Practice

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I want to learn to create again, just for the sake of creating. When I was younger I would write story after story, my head always full of ideas that needed to be expressed on paper. I would draw too, despite my mediocrity as an artist, doodling away on any surface available- school books, scrap paper, magazines, even the occasional desk. In high school I turned to photography, carrying my beloved Canon DSLR everywhere, documenting […]

Collaging Fun

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Back in my school days the start of the year was always super exciting because I got to go through all my old magazines and cut out pictures to glue onto my book covers. So when the library here in Whistler had a bunch of old magazines they were giving out for free I jumped at the chance to have some collaging fun again. I just sat around in the sunshine ripping out pages and […]