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Maintaining Creative Practice

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I want to learn to create again, just for the sake of creating. When I was younger I would write story after story, my head always full of ideas that needed to be expressed on paper. I would draw too, despite my mediocrity as an artist, doodling away on any surface available- school books, scrap paper, magazines, even the occasional desk. In high school I turned to photography, carrying my beloved Canon DSLR everywhere, documenting […]

How to: Feel Healthy When Your Feeling Like Shit

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I am finally starting to feel well again after nearly a week of being extra careful to take care of myself. In the last couple of months I’ve fallen out of my healthy-ish daily routine, trading early morning yoga for some extra cuddling time and my home-cooked meals for dinner, drinks, and late nights of live music. This lifestyle, while rewarding on a social level, has wreaked havoc on my body, with my¬†trifling yet¬†persistent cold […]

Sun, Sand and Solitude

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It has been a week today since I had my last shift at work. In that week I’ve sent myself and all my belongings from Melbourne up to my beautiful family in Lennox, I’ve seen Wicked the Musical, I’ve swam at the beach and spent more time alone than I have in months. Working six days a week at my bf’s parent’s cafe, and living seven days a week in their home meant I rarely […]