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Is it possible to wear retro clothes without looking retro?

The Melbourne weather is being silly as always and for once I am actually grateful. My pal Zoe has the most gorgeous collection of vintage coats and today’s cool breeze meant I could rock this one, despite it technically being Spring. Woohooh RESULT!

The flared jeans are my faves courtesy of H&M (the plan is to copy the pattern and make a gazillion pairs in velvet and corduroy and other pretty materials!) The top was found in a routine clothes swap with friends (thanks Nikkola), and the shoes are of course my R.M William boots #investmentpiece #costperwear #madetolast (lol sorry)

I look ridiculously retro in the photos above, something I am trying to work on over the next few months. While I do love the vintage look, particularly 1970s styles, I want to move away from dressing like something out of a time warp. It’s an easy trap to fall into when shopping second hand- I often find myself looking like either a Partridge family member or one of Cher Horwitz’ minions (so much 90s getup in op-shops!)- but I’d like to start seeking out thrifted alternatives to modern pieces I love/want/probably don’t need. Hopefully I’ll be able to build a mostly second hand wardrobe that is true to my personal style and not just copy-pasted from a Rolling Stones record cover. Then I’ll pad it out with high quality, ethically sourced garments that are sure to last me a long time #shopwise #shopsustainable (hehe)

Lots of love,

Jess xx

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  1. Love this coat! And I’m obsessed with thrifting, it’s the best for unusual finds that aren’t expensive. It’s crazy what people give away!
    Christy x


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